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About Xtra Hot

Xtra Hot is licensed to broadcast on the digital DAB platform on a number of local multiplexes in the south of England.


All of Xtra Hot’s output is created for broadcast from our studios, except for some specialist & syndicated shows.

Hot Radio makes use of all modern radio production techniques, so some segments within any broadcast hour may be pre-recorded or delivered from remote locations. This could include phone calls or interviews with guests including celebrities and live broadcasts. Hot Radio also makes use of the latest tools available for presenters to broadcast shows remotely when needed.


Xtra Hot radio plays rhythmic music from Dance, House & Urban

Xtra Hot also broadcasts specialist music programmes evenings & weekends by established local & well known international DJ’s, specialising in playing house, garage, funk and more.

A full listing of programmes can be found on our website at

Complaints Procedure

Xtra Hot takes its obligations as a broadcaster seriously. We attempt to ensure our output is impartial, fair and appropriate, nor does it cause harm or undue offence.

Ofcom has broadcasting codes that apply to TV & Radio on its website that we follow. We do our best to ensure that our output is appropriate, but if you have a complaint, then in the first instance, you can contact the Station manager via Email

Ofcom Annual Report

You can download and read our latest Annual Report on the Ofcom website.